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FAQ - Contributors

Q: How do I rip sprites?
A: There are several different methods to pulling sprites from various games including taking screen shots, using debug options and even going into the game's video memory directly. At this time we aren't covering tutorials on this web site so all we can say is that Google is your friend.

Q: I have some sprites, how do I submit them?
A: Due to the nature of the system, a forum account is required on our parent site, Suits & Sandals to contribute. Once you have an account, you can post your sheets in the sprite submission board. Feel free to make your own topic for your work or multiple topics for individual games. It's up to you.

Q: I've ripped sprites but already submitted them to another archive, can I still contribute?
A: Of course you can. We will gladly accept contributions even if we were not your first choice. In fact, just in case one archive goes down, it's great to have multiple sites hosting the same content. You never know...

Q: Do my sheets need to be transparent?
A: You can post them already transparent but don't sweat it. We can do it for you if need be.

Q: Can I submit sprites that somebody else ripped if I have their permission?
A: Unfortunately, no. The original ripper needs to be the one to submit their work. We also prefer they have a forum account.

Q: What happens if I submit sprites that are not my own? How will you know?
A: We might not at first. Maybe you'll get away with it for a while. But if there ever comes a point where someone lodges a complaint against you for stealing their work, this will warrant a ban and all sheets you've submitted (stolen or otherwise) will be removed from the archive.

Q: I did a sheet, but somebody did it better. What happens next?
A: If you submit a sheet that is more complete and better organized, then their sheet will be replaced with yours. The situation might not be the same for every occurrence, but this is our general procedure. If you do a sloppy rip, it might not last long.

Q: I noticed you've got a few pages for games on the parent site, Suits & Sandals, can I submit sprites from my game?
A: If the game is an original title with original content, then we usually don't have a problem with this. We can even provide a link on the site to where the user could download the game. We don't believe that a game has to have a minimum notoriety before qualifying to be archived.
*However at this time, we do not accept custom sprites of copyrighted characters or fan games.

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