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FAQ - Users

Q: How can I contribute?
A: You will want to read up on this FAQ for that information.

Q: Do I have to credit the site when we use any sprites?
A: No, Sprites Unlimited does not require you to credit the site or its contributors when using the archive.

Q: Can I download these sprites and submit them to another archive?
A: While the answer may be different based on an individual contributor's preferences, the general rule of thumb is that contributing somebody else's work without their permission is usually considered stealing and is thus frowned upon.

Q: I copied this sheet from the web site and this black or white background is messing me up, what do I do?
A: As most sheets are transparent this can be a problem when you try to copy them directly into paint. For best results, download the sheet to your computer and work with them in an image editor that supports transparency such as Paint.NET.

Q: You're currently hosting stolen content!
A: Because stolen content is taken seriously in the spriting community, we also take stolen content seriously as well. If you suspect someone of stealing yours or someone else's work please do not hesitate to make a topic on our forum or contact either Syaxamaphone or Belial regarding your claim. If a user has been submitting stolen content, they will be banned from the forum and all of their sheets (stolen or otherwise) will be removed from the archive.

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